Ask Miss Rona: Updated COVID-19 Vaccines

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Ask Miss Rona is a Q&A series started on Public Health’s Instagram to respond to community questions related to COVID-19. Questions from the public and are answered by experts at Public Health. Check out our Instagram at @kcpubhealth for more questions answered by Miss Rona.

Just had my appointment for today cancelled by the pharmacy as they had none. When will it be more available?

Supply is temporarily limited while updated COVID-19 vaccines are being shipped. The federal government has stepped in to help resolve delay issues and report that more vaccine will be available day by day. Please don’t give up. Keep checking with your pharmacy, healthcare provider, or visit to search as more appointments open up.

I got COVID. How soon can I get my new COVID vaccine?

Wait at least until all your symptoms have gone and you test negative. You may choose to delay vaccination by up to 3 months, but you should consult with your doctor to decide when to get vaccinated based on your health history and other factors.

Are there other places to get the vaccine besides the big chain pharmacies?

Yes. Many community health centers, independent pharmacies and doctor’s offices will offer the new COVID-19 vaccine. However, appointment availability may be limited for a few weeks while they wait for vaccine supply. Visit to search for locations that have vaccine appointments.

Will there be any opportunities for free COVID vaccine?

Yes, COVID-19 vaccine will remain free for most people. Most insurance plans cover the vaccine at no cost if you go to an in-network provider or pharmacy.

Uninsured/underinsured adults can get no cost vaccines through the Bridge Access Program. Look for “locations participating in the Bridge Access Program” at Children under age 19 can get vaccinated for free through the Vaccines for Children program:

How can we get a Novavax shot?  

The FDA approved Novavax on 10/3/23, adding another vaccine option. To find vaccine availability and provider locations near you, search for Novavax.

Will there be any outdoor or drive-through vaccination sites?

Yes, Snoqualmie Valley Hospital will offer drive-through vaccines when they receive their shipment of the new updated COVID vaccine doses. Appointments are required. For more information, go to:

When can kids under 5 receive it?

Children ages 6 months to 4 years should complete a multi-dose vaccine series with at least one dose of the updated COVID-19 vaccine. Talk with a vaccine provider or pediatrician about what’s best for your child.

I just got mine. How long does it take to reach full efficacy?

Vaccine protection increases in the days following your shot, though it may take around two weeks to reach maximum protection.

Once we get this new booster, how long until we should get another one? I’m immunocompromised.

Immunocompromised people may get one or more additional updated COVID-19 vaccines. All doses should be separated by at least 2 months. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to make a plan that fits your needs.

COVID, RSV, Flu…does order matter when getting the vaccines? Is all at once okay?

Older adults can get COVID-19, flu and RSV vaccines at the same time.

Note: your provider or pharmacy might not have all of the vaccines available at the time of your visit. Get the vaccines that are recommended for you as soon as they are available.

Should I get the new vaccine if I’ve already been vaccinated + booster previously?

Yes, CDC recommends everyone 6 months and older to get the updated vaccine, even if you’ve had a previous booster or infections. The newly updated COVID-19 vaccine protects against the most recent variants of the virus circulating right now.

Thanks for your questions! For more information about updated COVID-19 vaccine, go to:

Originally published October 5, 2023