Public Health recommends mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for healthcare workers

Image of vaccinator and a teen

Public Health – Seattle & King County is recommending mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for healthcare personnel and strongly encourages healthcare facilities and long-term care employers in King County to follow this recommendation. The recommendation is an endorsement of the multisociety statements from wide range of medical, healthcare, and public health professional societies and organizations stating that […]

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Ask Miss Rona: Pregnancy, Fertility & Breast/Chestfeeding

Ask Miss Rona

Miss Rona is a Q&A series started on Public Health’s Instagram to respond to community questions related to different topic areas of COVID-19. For this week’s Miss Rona, we had two experts from Public Health answering your questions related to all things reproductive health.

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Bringing COVID-19 vaccines to people experiencing homelessness

By Ken Anderson and Ben Stocking As Public Health – Seattle & King County strives to get vaccines to everyone in King County, we are making a special effort to reach people living unhoused.  Mobile vaccination teams are holding clinics at homeless shelters and encampments across the county.  They have visited more than 170 sites and vaccinated more than 2600 people since the beginning of April.  The county’s […]

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