King County selected as one of six national sites to “ReThink Health”


The King County Accountable Community of Health (ACH) is gaining some national attention as a leader in improving health systems and the health of our communities. This week, the King County ACH was selected by ReThink Health to participate in a national cohort all working towards similar goals. The cohort is designed to forge partnerships […]

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Mumps Outbreaks: Why Do we Care and Is the Vaccine Working?

By Jeff Duchin, Health Officer, Public Health – Seattle & King County Learn about the on-going mumps outbreak in King County. Why do we care about mumps? Mumps causes painful swelling of the salivary glands in the cheek and jaw area that usually lasts for 1-2 weeks. Complications of mumps include inflammation of the testes […]

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¿Cuáles son las necesidades y fortalezas de las familias de King County? La primera encuesta de salud que responderá estas preguntas.


Spanish blog post about the Best Starts for Kids Child Health Survey. For related information about the survey in English, visit, “What are the needs and strengths of King County families? First-ever health survey to provide answers.“ Escrito por José Niño De Guzmán and Lisa Jaffee ¿Reciben los niños de nuestra región los exámenes médicos recomendados? […]

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Emerging mumps outbreak in King County


UPDATE (12/9/16, 3:15 pm) Today, the number of mumps cases in King County remains at fifty-four (11 confirmed, 43 probable) with additional cases under investigation. Thirty-eight of the cases are in children age 17 and younger and 67% are reported as up-to-date on MMR vaccine. All but one of the school-aged child cases are in […]

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Friendly service from our PHRC volunteers!

Thank you to all of our staff and Public Health Reserve Corps (PHRC) volunteers who staffed the Seattle/King County Clinic at the end of October! With your help, the SKC Clinic provided free medical, dental, and vision services to nearly 4,500 patients in four days! And our immunizations staff provided free flu and Tdap vaccinations […]

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