Q&A: Wild Waves and our water recreation program


The recent tragic death at Wild Waves amusement park has some people wondering what role Public Health plays in regulating pools and spas in King County. We sat down with Becky Elias, the manager of the Water Recreation Program to find out. What is the Water Recreation program and what do you do? Public Health’s […]

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Live from Rainier Beach: What’s in a Good Food Bag?

From the program’s name, you can probably deduce that a Good Food Bag contains food. But here at Public Health Insider, we don’t settle for the easy answers. What else is behind Seattle Tilth’s innovative program to deliver half price, local produce to King County families with limited financial resources? Our intrepid investigator Kate Ortiz […]

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Extreme hot is not cool: How to beat the extra heat

dog sunglasses cropped

Northwest summers can be fantastic, but when is hot too hot? The National Weather Service is on the job to tell us, and what they are saying should get your attention now. They have issued an Excessive Heat Warning for many areas in our region, including King County. This statement lets us know that very hot weather that can affect our […]

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5 steps to a safe sleep environment for infants


The King County Medical Examiner and several Public Health staff, including experts in injury prevention and nursing, recently published an article in the King County Medical Society Bulletin that provides an important overview of sudden and unexpected infant deaths (SIDS/SUIDS). While many factors may contribute to these unfortunate losses, this article stresses the role of […]

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Tuberculosis evaluation for contacts of healthcare worker


A healthcare worker from University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) who cared for patients in their cancer treatment units has tested positive for tuberculosis (TB) disease. (See statement from UWMC and SCCA and video of media briefing.) Public Health – Seattle & King County, UWMC and SCCA are working to […]

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