Protect your head! Free and low-cost helmets in King County

Two adults and child riding bicycles wearing helmets

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all people riding a bike should wear helmets so they can have a safer brain and stronger future. The good news is that affordable bike helmets are available for King County residents.

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Public Health Receives National Recognition for Innovation in Pandemic Response

Two Public Health – Seattle & King County teams are receiving national recognition for their innovative contributions to the COVID-19 pandemic response. The National Association of City and County Health Officials granted a Bronze Innovative Practice Award to Public Health’s Safe Start for Taverns and Restaurants team, and another to Public Health’s Assessment, Policy Development and Evaluation unit for its work on the economic, social and overall health impacts data dashboard. 

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Our pre-pandemic state: New data on the health of our region

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic began, King County communities showed both promising health improvements, as well as new areas for concern. A new Community Health Needs Assessment report produced by The King County Hospitals for a Healthier Community in partnership with Public Health – Seattle & King County provides insight into health and social issues affecting local communities just before the pandemic. It also describes some key impacts of COVID-19.

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