Confirm your vaccination: A new requirement for many activities in King County

Close up of a woman holding up a COVID-19 Vaccination Record card. The person is masked and standing outside.

Preventable COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are at extremely high levels in King County, and deaths are increasing. A new Public Health—Seattle & King County (Public Health) policy, announced on September 16, 2021, will create an additional layer of protection from COVID-19. Public Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin has issued a Health Order that will require […]

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Video: Dr. Jeff Duchin’s COVID-19 press briefing – August 27, 2021

During his August 27 press briefing, Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin provided context around “breakthrough cases” and how risk changes for vaccinated people compared to unvaccinated people. As shown in the graph above, in the recent Delta surge, the age-adjusted rate of cases among people who are not fully vaccinated increased from 7 daily cases/100,000 […]

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New COVID Conversations video series asks community members, Why vaccinate now?

Still image shows DJ TopSpin wearing a striped sweater, a backwards baseball hat, and aviator glasses in the frame of a polaroid. Background is bright orange and text says "Why get the COVID vaccine now?" "The sooner the better."

A new video series from Public Health, called COVID Conversations, features local residents Why get vaccinated now? The new COVID Conversations video series from Public Public Health—Seattle & King County features local residents having open, unscripted conversations about how they felt when they learned the COVID-19 vaccine was available, and how they addressed any concerns.

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