VIDEO: DR. JEFF DUCHIN DISCUSSES COVID-19 trends and vaccine distribution – APRIL 23, 2021

On April 23rd, in his weekly press briefing, Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin discussed the importance of the vaccine, as well as the importance in the short-term of COVID-prevention behaviors:

“Each week, the stakes are higher as our outbreak gains momentum requiring progressively more effort to bring it under control. Vaccines are the very best tools we have to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks from starting in the first place, and by getting more people vaccinated our entire community will be better protected. 

But right now, our outbreak is worsening and the most effective way to turn it around is to change behavior and give more people the opportunity to remain healthy, stay out of the hospital, avoid the potential long-term health consequences of COVID-19.” – Dr. Jeff Duchin

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Originally posted April 23, 2021