Video & Transcript: Press briefing with Dr. Duchin & Dr. Friedly on COVID-19 and long COVID

On July 14, 2022, Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Health Officer, Dr. Jeff Duchin was joined by Dr. Janna Friedly of UW Medicine’s Post-COVID Rehabilitation and Recovery Clinic to discuss long-COVID, including impacts and resources. Dr. Duchin also provided an update on current COVID-19 trends. A transcript of the briefing is now available, […]

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Video: Dr. Jeff Duchin’s COVID-19 press briefing – August 5, 2021

Image of a graphic advertising media briefing today. Left side is gray with black text, which fades into an image of Dr. Jeff Duchin, Public Health's Local Health Officer. Dr. Duchin is speaking into a microphone and is wearing a black jacket with a blue button-up. Picture was taken during one of the early media briefings of the pandemic. The text on the left side says: August 5, 2021 COVID-19 UPDATE with Dr. Jeff Duchin @ 11:00 AM A briefing on COVID-19 trends and vaccine distribution in King County. Public Health logo is in bottom left corner.

This virus is significantly nastier than previous COVID-19 viruses, and it’s challenging us in new ways. The bottom line: vaccines offer excellent protection against hospitalization and death from Delta. But if you aren’t vaccinated, you are more likely to be infected, hospitalized or die from COVID-19. 

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