Video: Dr. Jeff Duchin discusses COVID-19 trends and vaccine distribution – May 7, 2021

On May 7, in his weekly press briefing, Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin emphasized the importance of building on King County’s progress in vaccinations and bending the curve of the epidemic: 

“Over the past two weeks the increasing rates have leveled off in most ages, except for ages 5-17 and 18-24. And this leveling off in case rates and incidence numbers are hopeful signs, although the immediate direction remains uncertain,” Dr. Duchin said. 

“The COVID 19 outbreak is no longer a five-alarm fire but it continues to burn and has not yet been extinguished. At the moment, new cases of covid-19 can still spark flare-ups that spread among unvaccinated people. We need to continue to fight this fire with multiple strategies: vaccines plus precautions. As more people are vaccinated, particularly young adults, and subsequently adolescents and eventually children, the risk to both individuals and to our community as a whole will continue to decrease.” 

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Originally posted on May 7, 2021