Video & Transcript: COVID Media Briefing with King County’s Health Officer

King County Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin held a public briefing on April 25, 2022, answering questions from the news media and members of the community.

transcript of the briefing is now available, and the video of the briefing is below.

Dr. Duchin discussed the recent increase in COVID-19 case counts, which moves King County into the “medium” category in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) COVID-19 community level framework:

The CDC medium risk category is not a magic threshold, meaning the COVID-19 pandemic locally is suddenly or fundamentally different or that we’re approaching a crisis level. But it does tell us that COVID-19 infection risk is increasing for individuals and the community…

The threat from COVID-19 has decreased substantially, but it’s not disappeared. No one can predict when or how much more cases will rise or when they will fall. But I would expect ongoing ups and downs for months to years based on what variants emerge, population immunity and other factors. So, for this reason, let’s think about long term, sustainable COVID-19 prevention, and treatment strategies as our top priority.

Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin

Originally published April 26, 2022.