VIDEO: As hospitalizations increase, an update from Dr. Jeff Duchin & Matias Valenzuela

As cases skyrocket and hospitalizations increase, Dr. Jeff Duchin, Health Officer for Public Health – Seattle & King County and Matias Valenzuela, Equity Director for Public Health, shared updates on COVID-19 spread, reviewed what the public needs to do to turn this trend around, and discussed new data that shows where people most frequently report being exposed to COVID-19.

This outbreak has gained tremendous momentum. Folks need to realize that this is not only a problem for those who have gatherings. It’s not only a problem for household transmission. It’s not only a problem for workplaces. This is a problem for all of us. This is an all of community public health emergency. We all need to step up and play our role in protecting one another.


As we think about inequities, its not just communities of color or communities in south King County. It’s what everyone else can do to support this. There are things that are optional that we don’t have to do. When we think about some folks that don’t have a choice, who live in certain household settings, or do have to go to work, that means greater responsibility for other people to do their part.

Matias valenzuela, equity director for PUBLIC HEALTH – SEATTLE & KING COUNTY