This is a most unusual Thanksgiving. But in spite of the pandemic that has turned our lives upside down, there are many reasons to be thankful.

The holiday is a good time to reflect on those who have been working so hard to keep us safe during these highly stressful times.

Here at Public Health – Seattle & King County, we’re grateful for the people who live and serve in our community, including:

  • The doctors, nurses and health care workers who have worked at great personal risk to help those who have fallen ill with COVID-19.
  • The essential workers who keep our grocery shelves stocked, care for our children, deliver our mail, collect our trash, transport us from place to place, keep our parks running, and provide countless other basic services we too often take for granted.
  • The volunteers who have stepped up to help us all in this moment of great need.
  • The teachers and other school personnel working hard to educate and support our children under the difficult circumstances of virtual schooling.
  • The parents doing their best to help their children attend school remotely.
  • The community and faith organizations whose leadership, adaptability, and commitment have kept people afloat.
  • The elected officials who believe in facts and science.
  • The scientists who have tracked the path of the virus so we can fight it strategically.
  • Our dedicated public health workforce, which has been putting in extraordinary hours for the past eleven months, keeping all public health services going in the midst of a pandemic.

And most of all, we are grateful to the residents of King County. We thank you for making the sacrifices needed to rein in this pandemic. We thank you for taking public health seriously and protecting your loved ones, your neighbors, and the entire community.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

Originally posted on November 26, 2020.