SING-A-LONG: “These are a Few of Our Public Health Things”

julie andrews

Public Health is celebrating a long, productive year. Sing along! Click the links! 

Smileys on restaurants and signage on clinics
Saying “you’re welcome” to all who come in it
Kicking off Best Starts with com-mun-ities
These are a few 2017 things!

Spray parks and hygiene and tales made of doodles
Noro in oysters
And phthalates in noodles
Wild bats that fly and may carry rabies
These are a few 2017 things!

Taxes on sodas and prompt paramedics
Outbreak containment and stalled epidemics
Working with partners collaboratively
These are a few 2017 things!

Wildfires and clinics for all those who need it
Raccoons with roundworms
— If you can believe it!
Texting and driving’s no longer a thing
Imagine what 2018 will bring!

When the mouse poops
When the shot stings
When you see a map
Remember that Public Health’s working for you
And what a full year… WE’VE HAAAAAAAAAD!

5 thoughts on “SING-A-LONG: “These are a Few of Our Public Health Things”

  1. Yes, very cute and clever. As someone who grew up with the Sound of Music, I found myself singing along with the 2017 version. Who says work can’t be fun.

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