Public Health investigates rare infection linked to fish in supermarket tanks

After a King County man was diagnosed with a rare and sometimes fatal bacterial infection, Vibrio vulnificus, public health officials are investigating the possibility that the bacteria came from fish purchased locally. Public Health cautions anyone who has come into contact with raw fish to seek medical care if they develop symptoms of infection. Read the […]

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The raw deal: Why under-cooked oysters make you sick

  In the last few weeks we have seen a spike in illness associated with consumption of raw oysters, and as the summer heats up, we anticipate more. We sat down with Jenny Lloyd, one of the epidemiologists investigating these illnesses, to learn more about what’s making people sick. Why do raw oysters make people […]

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Everything you need to know about Washington’s new distracted driving law

The new Washington state distracted driving law goes into effect July 23. Breaking this law could result in a $136 ticket (subsequent offenses within a five-year period jump to $235) or worse – a collision. Not sure what is and is not okay? We’ve laid it out for you. Drivers may not use hand-held cell […]

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PHOTOS: Pride Parade 2017

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Public Health staff joined the King County Pride contingent on Sunday, June 25. Thanks to those who marched with us! Here are some pics from the beautiful day.

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Public Health Vet says, “Don’t kiss your chicks”

On June 2, the Washington State Department of Health announced an ongoing Salmonella outbreak associated with live poultry. As of the latest update on this outbreak, 16 people in Washington (including two in King County) have been diagnosed with Salmonella, though the outbreak is affecting people nationwide. We sat down with Public Health Veterinarian Beth […]

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Uninsured? There’s still time (and good reason) to sign up for 2017 coverage

Enrollment assistance for Paul Shin, provided by Jen Covert of PHSKC, at Café Racer in Seattle

The Affordable Care Act (affectionately, “Obamacare”) may be repealed and replaced under the new federal administration, but there’s still time to take advantage of it. In fact, if you sign up by January 31, you should feel confident that your coverage will remain intact for the rest of 2017. Things could look different in 2018, but […]

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