Helping food trucks stay in the safe lane

By Becky Elias, Food Program Manager

Food trucks are a popular way to eat out in King County. And Public Health is doing its part to keep them rolling out their tasty dishes to you.

Last weekend, the Seattle Food Truck Alliance (SFTA)Food truck photo kicked off its first annual “Spring Cleaning” event for food trucks in the area, and Environmental Health’s Food Protection Program was a proud participant. Together with representatives of Seattle Fire, plumbers, and mechanics, Henry Doan, a Public Health food inspector, provided food safety consultation to 14 food truck owners who went to the free event. Bringing mechanics, fire safety and food safety professionals together with food truck operators allowed for quick assessment and problem solving, to the benefit of all.

“It was great to be part of the event. SFTA recruited all of the right partners – we worked together to help the trucks make improvements and be set up for food safety success,” said Henry Doan, Health & Environmental Inspector for Public Health.

It’s the first year for Spring Cleaning, and everyone hopes the event gains traction and grows. As James Barrington, SFTA’s director said, “I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout on Saturday. I knew many trucks wouldn’t be able to make it because of catering events so to have 14 trucks come out to get inspected was fantastic. Several truck owners that were able to get onto of issues that would have cost them thousands down the road. No thats time well spent!”

Here in King County, the Food Program provides food safety educational training and inspections to more than 11,500 food businesses, including the over 450 on wheels. It’s efforts like these that foster the safe and vibrant food scene we know our communities love.

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