To Public Health, with all our hearts

This Valentine’s Day, we’re showing some love to public health professionals everywhere. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Text; A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou. And if the restaurant's crowded, a MERV-13 air filtration system. Image: bread, cheese, and wine on a board. Below is an image of an air filter.
COVID is still circulating. Good ventilation is a key way to prevent it from spreading: Help reduce the spread of COVID-19 by improving indoor air this fall and winter.
Text: Roses are red, Violets are blue,
Chlamydia is not a flower. I thought that you knew? Image: roses and a view of chlamydia under a microscope.
Learn about STDS (maybe before your Valentine’s Day date?) : Facts about Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Text: Happy Valentine’s Day to the best Mom of all, Let’s get your booster and go to the mall! Image: Stylish older woman with grey hair, hand bag slung over her shoulder. Heart shape.
Share this valentine with loved ones over 50—the updated bivalent COVID booster is especially important for them.  It’s free at the Auburn Outlet Mall:
Text: For you, my love, I'd deal with a rat coming out of the toilet. Probably. Image: a cross-section view of a toilet with a rat inside.
Show just how much you care: What to do if a rat comes up your toilet
Text: Why do we get our kids immunized? The answer shows these words lined up like a crossword puzzle: infLuenza, pOlio, Varicella, mEasles. Within these words, the letters from L-O-V-E are highlighted in pink. Image: A girl about age 10 shows a band-aid on her arm. A heart is above her head.
Childhood vaccinations protect our kiddos, and they also protect our community. We love that: Infant, child and adolescent immunizations
Image of a text messaging app, username: Syphilis. Syphilis texts: You up? Unknown user responds back: New number. Who dis?
Get checked before you booty call text.
Text: Before we go out I have one little test. It won’t cost a thing, you just need to say yes. Image: a woman is looking at her phone. There's a text with the logo: Say Yes! COVID test.
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! You can still get free COVID home test kits:
Text: Norovirus is like love at first sight. Sudden, intense, and you can’t help sharing it with everyone. Image: a woman clasping her stomach.
When you’ve got butterflies in your stomach for all the wrong reasons. Here’s how to prevent this “stomach bug”:

Originally posted on February 14, 2023.