Drive Safe In School Zones, Even If Schools are Using Distance Learning

By Emily Devora HopsUW MPH StudentViolence and Injury Prevention Unit

The start of school is dramatically different for kids during the COVID-19 pandemic, with most classes throughout King County conducted online rather than in person.Traffic patterns in school zones are also different than prior years. But families may still be going to school for various reasons, including for grab-and-go meals and special education programs. Kids will be out walking to a neighbor’s house to learn in pods, going to the park, or biking or walking for activity breaks.

Because there are kids on the street, it is as important as ever to use safe driving habits. Remember to stay alert in school zones. To stay alert, and make safer streets for King County’s kids:

1. Follow the posted speed limit in school zones

Even though most schools aren’t meeting in person, the school zone speed limit is important to follow to help reduce crashes and keep kids safe. Stay in the habit of following posted signs.

2. Stay off your phone when driving

It can be tempting to check a quick text, email, or phone call. However, keeping your eyes on the road, not a screen, will help you stay focused on driving safely.

Stick to these guidelines and help make King County streets safer this school year!

Originally published on August 28, 2020.