VIDEO: July 10, 2020 update on COVID-19 in King County with Dr. Jeff Duchin

On July 10th, Dr. Jeff Duchin gave an update on the COVID-19 outbreak in King County and expressed urgency for our community to help prevent a further surge in cases. View the update below.

It is critical as a community we understand the long-term nature of this COVID-19 mess. None of us asked for this, none of us wanted this, but if we don’t deal with it, it will deal with us… We need long-term behavior change with respect to how close we get to one another, institutionalizing distancing, wearing of masks anytime we are in public and in close contact with one another (especially indoors), paying attention to ventilation and duration and frequency of contact, and good hand hygiene.

We need to reconfigure our workplaces and other places we spend time to allow the space that is necessary to decrease the risk of transmission.

For a healthy economy, we need a healthy community. Understanding how interconnected and interdependent we are and the steps we need to take for the long-haul are the most important things right now.

Dr. JEFF DUCHIN, HEALTH OFFICER, PUblic health – Seattle & King County
Video can also be viewed on Public Health – Seattle & King County’s Facebook page with closed captions.