Resources for the deaf and hard of hearing community

Here are some great resources to help you stay safe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please click on the links to get more specific information. You can also call the National Deaf Hotline: 855-812-1001.

Local Resources:

Our Public Health Insider Blog and COVID page

You can subscribe to the blog to receive the most current information.

Hearing Speech Deaf Center (HSDC)

HSDC’s homepage is currently dedicated to COVID-19. Examples of resources found on their homepage currently are:

Dr. Chad Ruffin

An ear, nose and throat doctor who is also deaf and specializes in hearing restoration and ear surgery, Dr. Ruffin has created a COVID-19 section on his website that is very informative: Dr. Ruffin has also created a version that is written to be accessible for low-vision and health literacy.

National Resources:

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

World Health Organization

Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss (AMPHL)

ALDA: Association of Late Deafened Adults

The Daily Moth Blog

This is a really great all ASL video news resource and is providing COVID-19 updates regularly. The Daily Month can also be accessed via:

Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University has a website dedicated to providing updated information and resources regarding COVID-19. Below are some direct links to videos in ASL that could be really helpful:

National Association of the Deaf

Hearing Loss Association of America

Health Signs Center Facebook – Videos

Facebook page focusing on health communication and health accessibility in American Sign Language. Page includes information and videos in ASL about Covid-19.

Partners in Deaf Health, Inc Facebook

Organization promoting the health needs of culturally Deaf people. Page includes information and videos in ASL about Covid-19.

Sean Forbes interviews Dr. Michael McKee a deaf doctor about Coronavirus

This interview is posted on DPAN: The Sign Language Channel. The channel has numerous Coronavirus resources. The DPAN app is available on iPhone, Android, Apple TV, ROKU, and Fire TV.

(NOTE: This is also on Dr. Ruffin’s website)

Deaf Counseling Center -Facebook

Deaf Counseling Center’s Facebook page shares information about Coronavirus and even offers a Deaf Coronavirus Support Group to help cope with the stress and anxiety related to pandemic. The group is free!

Telecommunication Adaptive Technology

An available resource for people with many types of disabilities to obtain phone communication adaptive technology. 

Self Advocacy and Beyond

Accessible information to all people with disabilities including this booklet.

Special thanks Elizabeth Ralston and Emily Hart for their contributions to this resource list.