The Public Health Notebook: Snapshots from October 2019


The Public Health Insider has more information on how new WIC cards make a better experience for clients, and also on how to recognize the signs of overdose and where deadly fentanyl has been found. With health insurance enrollment beginning, you’ll find lots of information on our website about  enrollment events where you can get help from navigators.

Originally posted on October 31, 2019.

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I am a risk communications specialist at Public Health - Seattle & King County.

3 thoughts on “The Public Health Notebook: Snapshots from October 2019

  1. Meredith, I didn’t see a reply button about poisoning your family. But after living in Mexico for about a year, I witnessed that woman would cook a big pit of beans for the entire week, and leave them on the stove with burners turned off. I was a bit taken back by what they were doing but learned they boiled the beans each time before eating, at a specific temperature and for a certain amount of time to kill the bacteria. I, nor anyone else I knew, ever got sick and this was a weekly tradition. I am sure there is scientific proof of the degrees and amount of time needed to kill the bacteria. I simply have not done it that way, myself.

    1. Thanks for that, Barbara! That makes a lot of sense–maybe I could’ve salvaged that bean soup. 🙂

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