Why did you get vaccinated this year?

Flu season is underway so we collected a few reasons why different people in our community make sure to get vaccinated each year.


Babies under six months aren’t old enough for flu shots. It’s up to us to keep them healthy! A yearly flu shot protects babies, grandparents, people undergoing cancer treatment – and you!



Whether your perfect vacation is rocking your grandbaby to sleep  or sunning yourself on faraway shores, catching the flu could quickly derail those plans. Get a yearly flu shot to make sure your dream trip isn’t only a dream.



We all play a huge role in keeping our community healthy and protecting those around us who are vulnerable to diseases. By getting a flu shot, you lower your own risk and help to protect babies, people with allergies to the vaccine, and those who are immuno-compromised. Be a public health hero: protect those who are vulnerable and get your yearly flu shot!

Ashley is a public health practitioner and amateur comic artist from Seattle. She is passionate about using art to make public health issues more accessible and engaging for audiences. She hopes to continue to make work that both educates people on public health efforts in our county and to highlight the amazing people who work to keep us all healthy.

Originally posted on November 1, 2018