A tour of Public Health in action: LIVE from Public Health Week

What are the many ways Public Health touches your life? For Public Health Week,  we took to the streets to learn how public health professionals are working to promote health across King County. From restaurant inspectors to school-based health providers to STD experts, our staff went live on Facebook to show us how they get the job done.

How restaurant inspectors protect the health of diners

On Monday, we followed one of our food safety inspectors on a restaurant inspection. Spoiler alert: everyone was all 😀!


Preventing opioid overdoses

On Tuesday, we sat down with colleagues from our Jail Health team to learn about how they are responding to the heroin and opiate crisis.


How-to on safe firearm storage (in 2 languages)

On Wednesday, we followed our community health workers to Outdoor Emporium, where they talked about the important relationship we have with retailers in promoting safe storage of firearms as part of our LOK-IT-UP program. We went LIVE in both Spanish and English and saw demonstrations of different types of storage devices.



Chat with an STD detective

Then we hopped over to our STD clinic, where our disease detective talked about how HIV treatment has changed over the years.


How school-based health centers support teens

On Thursday, we visited Rainier Beach High School to tour the school-based health center. School-based health is a tried-and-true way to provide healthcare to youth while improving academic outcomes for young people across our region.


Aboard a Medic One ambulance

Friday, we had the privilege of talking with a paramedic about her work on a Medic One rig.


And that’s a wrap! Thanks to all of our staff for showing us around and following along–and for the amazing work you do every day! Happy Public Health Week!

For an easy link to all the videos, check out our Public Health Week Youtube Playlist.

Originally posted April 6, 2018