Rabid bat found at City of SeaTac park

A rabid bat was found at Angle Lake Park in the City of SeaTac. If you had any contact with a bat near the park lakeshore by the old lifeguard shack on Monday, Augustmyotis-bat 28 or Tuesday, August 29, contact Public Health (206-296-4774) immediately for information on preventative treatment.

Rabies can be life-threatening, but is preventable if treated before symptoms appear. Read our media release for more details, and a Public Health Insider Q&A on bats and health.

Originally posted on August 30, 2017.

One thought on “Rabid bat found at City of SeaTac park

  1. So what’s the deal with this flurry of rabid bat reports? Is there some reason they’re getting noticed, or is there an actual spike in rabies in the bat population?

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