Latest updates on monkeypox vaccine in King County

Public Health has received the next distribution of vaccine for monkeypox. With this limited supply, read an update on our planning for getting theses doses to people at highest risk for recent exposure.

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Monkeypox update: Local transmission of the virus in King County likely

A recent case of monkeypox was identified in a King County resident that did not report recent travel, suggesting that the virus was transmitted locally. Anyone who has symptoms of monkeypox or has been in close contact with someone with monkeypox should be evaluated by a healthcare provider.

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TB Evaluation at Transitional Care Center of Seattle

Chest x-ray of someone with tuberculosis

Public Health – Seattle & King County is following up on the report of an individual at Transitional Care Center of Seattle who was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB). Public Health is working to define the extent of any potential TB exposures, and supporting the facility as they conduct evaluations for those exposed and provide guidance and information to staff and residents.

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