5 health tips for the Sounders Parade


photo: mlssoccer.com

Naturally, as your Public Health department, we have a few health tips for those of you heading out to the Sounders Parade on Tuesday:

  1. Dress warmly. Save the naked body paint looks for the warmer weather of the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade. By all means, wear the scarves!
  2. Wear earplugs. The Sound Wave Sounders FC band is pretty impressive on the decibel scale, but it’s really the sheer volume of the Sounders fans that could lead to some hearing loss.
  3. Get your steps in. March to the Match is a Sounders tradition, one that your health department fully supports! And the parade will take it to a grand scale–we hear that fans can march to the Seattle Center, following the Sounders trolley. Not a bad way to up your numbers on Fitbit!
  4. Brush up on CPR. If we ever get into another penalty kick situation in a championship, you’ll know what to do if a fellow fan goes into cardiac arrest.
  5. Stay healthy in the coming year.  Healthy eating, active living, and quitting tobacco will help you give the Sounders your full 90 next season! (What? We’re the health department. Did you think we weren’t going to include that?)

Have fun at the parade!

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I am a risk communications specialist at Public Health - Seattle & King County.