Quittin’ kittens: where are they now?

This year, 10 kittens made headlines by making 2016 their year to quit tobacco, and one question has been keeping us up at night: where are they now?

In honor of the Great American Smokeout, Public Health Insider caught up with the quittin’ kittens to find out.

1. This kitten believing in herself


Set yourself up for success. Throw out ALL of your cigarettes in your home, car, and workplace. Change your environment and routine to avoid your triggers.

Where is she now? In less than a year, Peanut saved over $1,000 on cigarettes and began to breathe easier. She’s saving to fulfill her lifelong dream of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Way to go, Mittens.

2. This kitten getting support from friends and family

giphy (3)

Don’t quit alone. Tell your family, friends, and co-workers that you’re quitting. Ask them to support you.

Where is he now? Mittens tried to quit before, but never asked his family for support. Now, when he has a craving, he calls Peanut. Sometimes they just stare out the window together till the craving passes.

3. This kitten chewing on something else

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Occupy your hands and mouth with healthy snacks like carrots or celery sticks, or try sugar free candy, straws, swizzle sticks, or toothpicks.

Where is she now?  After one week smoke-free, Jinx noticed her cravings decreasing. She still chews her tail, but only for fun.

4. This kitten drinking plenty of water

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When a craving hits, taking a drink of water can help get you through it.

Where is he now? Tiger drank approximately 15 cases of La Croix  Sparkling Water to help battle his initial cravings, achieving Instagram fame in the process for tasteful photography of the colorful cans.

5. This kitten learning a new hobby

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Trying something new can help distract you from your urge to smoke. Plan to do something every day that makes you happy.

Where is she now? Every time Hazel hits a quitting milestone, she treats herself to something nice—a ball of yarn, a nap in the sun, or a nice paper bag to play in. Treat yo’self, Hazel. You earned it.

6. This kitten using technology

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The more support you have, the more successful you’ll be.  All Washington residents can download the SmartQuit App for free. The app is an evidence-based cessation support program that is three times more effective than trying to quit on your own.

Where is he now? Three weeks after quitting, Oliver could jog without feeling winded. He started training, and hopes to be the first kitten to complete the Seattle Marathon next week.

7. This kitten relaxing

giphy (7)

Try to reduce your stress. Take a hot bath, exercise, or read a book.

Where is she now? 48 hours after quitting, Luna noticed that her sense of taste and smell returned. Her newfound senses led her to discover a new hobby: making her own scented candles. She still uses her neck massager.

8. This kitten quittin’ for other kittens

giphy (8)

Secondhand smoke exposure harms pets as well as people. When a craving hits, remember your reasons for quitting.

Where is he now? Max made a list of all the kittens he’s quittin’ for. Whenever he feels an urge to smoke, he looks at the list. Max is proud to set an example for quittin’ kittens everywhere.

9. This kitten getting through the hardest first week

giphy (9)

The first week is the hardest. Hold on.

Where is she now? Kiki is still hanging on. Every day is easier. You’re the real MVP, Kiki.

10. This kitten not giving up

giphy (10)

Quitting smoking may require several attempts. Every try gets you closer to a healthy, tobacco-free life. Don’t give up.

Where is he now? Mopsy quit smoking, and so can you.

There are still six weeks left to make 2016 your year to quit. Don’t wait. Find out more about resources available to make 2016 your year to quit smoking.