It’s “shockingly simple” to help someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest

We’ve mentioned before that our EMS team is one of the best in the world. There’s no better place to experience sudden cardiac arrest than in King County. But our amazing EMS team readily admits that it takes a system to save a life, and we can all do more to keep our chances of survival high.

What you should know about sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
SCA is a serious condition that causes the heart to suddenly stop beating. It can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Nationally, SCA is the #3 killer of Americans (The Institute of Medicine), with more than 300,000 cases per year (Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation).

Untreated, SCA survival rate is about 10% (The Institute of Medicine). With use of a lifesaving device of an AED, the chance of survival increases by more than 30%. For every minute without treatment, survival decreases up to 10% (SCA Foundation).

Do you know where your AED is?
AEDs only work if you can find them. Registering an AED can help first responders and 911 dispatchers help bystanders find and use it. Online registration takes less than 15 minutes and allows you to:

  • Receive guidance from a Medical Director about using an AED
  • Add your device to the King County registry so 911 dispatchers can match a SCA victim’s location to the nearest AED

It’s shockingly simple!
To raise awareness of this critical health issue, we’ve re-launched the Shockingly Simple campaign, a public awareness initiative to educate King County on the life-threatening risks of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and the life-saving abilities of AEDs.

To educate those in your business about the life-saving capabilities of AEDs and how they can help in case of a SCA emergency, download our new “4 Shockingly Simple Ways You Can Restart a Heart and Save a Life” poster by clicking here.

To learn more about AEDs and learn about purchasing, registering and maintaining one, visit