PHOTOS: Pride Parade 2017

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Public Health staff joined the King County Pride contingent on Sunday, June 25. Thanks to those who marched with us! Here are some pics from the beautiful day.

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Showing up for LGBTQ communities

Originally posted in Big Cities Health Coalition Front Lines Blog By Jesse Chipps, HIV/AIDS Planning Council Coordinator at Public Health – Seattle & King County June is National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month, and each year at this time hundreds of King County employees, department directors and public officials march together in […]

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Cool off at lifeguarded beaches in King County

Summer is finally here, and arriving in full force with high temperatures expected this weekend. With hot weather, it is tempting to take a dip in our area’s lakes and rivers to cool off, but before you do, make sure there is a lifeguard on duty nearby. Already this year we’ve seen two drowning tragedies […]

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Limiting sugary drinks can make a difference in children’s health

By Patty Hayes, Director of Public Health – Seattle & King County Limiting sugary drinks are an important step for public health and particularly for the health of children and youth. All children deserve to grow up healthy, but children today could be the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. This is, […]

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It’s not just you. It’s the cost of food, too.

If you are going to talk about access to healthy food, you have to talk about affordability. Why is Top Ramen cheaper than veggies? – King County resident This was the crux of a community conversation in South King County where residents shared the on-the-ground challenges to eating healthier food–challenges that go far beyond just […]

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One map shows huge impact of ACA locally

The number of uninsured residents of King County has fallen by more than 50% since embracing the ACA, benefitting every neighborhood of the county

Our epidemiologists at Public Health–Seattle & King County (PHSKC) have been keeping track of insurance enrollment for years. And, for a long time, the picture was getting worse year by year, with increasing numbers of people uninsured. That all changed after 2013, when new insurance options became available under the Affordable Care Act. King County embraced the […]

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