EMS teamwork saves teen

For National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) week (May 19 – 25), we’re honoring the work that makes our EMS/Medic One system in King County world-class. Each weekday, we’ll share another way that EMS/Medic One works to save lives and help people in emergencies.

May 22 is EMS for Children Day for National EMS Week. One of the most difficult calls that an EMT or paramedic can ever experience in their career is an EMS call to a pediatric patient. Less than 10% of all EMS responses involve patients that are 17 or younger, but when one of those calls come in, you want the most highly skilled, trained and coordinated EMS providers to come to the rescue.

A recent rescue of a local teenager highlights the coordinated effort by bystanders, Valley Regional Fire Authority Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), King County Medic One paramedics, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital staff to bring a favorable ending to a near-tragic event.

On March 5th of this year, Auburn School District Pool staff jumped into action when Reese Marlenee, a 16-year old student athlete and member of the Auburn Mountainview High School water polo team, collapsed. After calling 9-1-1, dispatchers calmly provided CPR coaching to pool staff. Pool staff also involved bystanders to locate the automated external defibrillator (AED) device, which was then applied to Reese until Auburn Police arrived.

Soon after, Valley Regional Fire Authority EMTs arrived to find Reese breathless and pulseless. Compressions continued and EMTs applied their AED and delivered a shock to the patient. EMS crews continued with CPR. Medics arrived and initiated advanced life support treatment. King County Medic One transported her to the Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital in 23 minutes. She was later transferred to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to our EMS/Medic One system and all of those involved, Reese is well and is getting better each and every day.

Pictured below in left-to-right order is: Aaron Walker, Stewart Alway, Captain Ryan Freed, Reese Marlenee, Danielle Palmer, Captain Kevin Morehart, and Firefighter Jordan Gustafson. 

Originally posted on May 22, 2019.