5 Pokémon Go tips from your local health department

Pokémon nostalgia has roared back with the release of Pokémon Go and those of us in the public health field are not immune to its charms. We wish we could offer you tips on how to catch that elusive Vaporeon, but the only Insider play tip we have so far is that the lobby of the King County Chinook Building is a Pokéstop. We’ll  just stick to the kind of tips we do best for those looking to fill their Pokédexes: injury prevention (woot!).

Have fun getting physical activity. Pokémon Go was designed to get people outside, moving around. We’re fans since exercise is largely under-represented in most people’s daily routines. If you’ve got the fitness of a Snorlax, take it slow and gradually increase your activity. And everyone should stay hydrated. Photo: 2cp.com
jigglypuff shades
Prevent sunburns. No one wants to be as pink as Jigglypuff. If you go outside to catch Pokemon, make sure you wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.
pokemon car.png
Don’t drive under the influence of Pokémon Go.  Seriously.  It’s not worth injuring yourself or others, not even for a Mew.
Pokemon Go Seattle Times
Heads up to avoid pedestrian injuries. If you are walking around while looking through your phone, you might not see a hole in the sidewalk, the curb, or worse – oncoming traffic. Photo: Seattletimes.com
Take a break. If Pokemon Go starts interfering with school, work, sleep, or personal hygiene, that’s your cue: put the phone down and step away from the app. There will always be more Pokemon to catch later, guaranteed. Image: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net


Have fun, and good luck catching ’em all!

Dr. Li-Vollmer is our health department’s preeminent Poké-scholar, in addition to our risk communication specialist. She wrote her doctoral dissertation on “The Pokémon phenomenon: A case study of media influence and audience agency in children’s consumer culture.” We’re not kidding.  


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I am a risk communications specialist at Public Health - Seattle & King County.

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  1. Hello Meredith: I love your post and it is timely for sure. I have seen a lot more people of all ages out and about early evenings in Shoreline on the inter urban trail playing this game. I would love to hear more about your dissertation on “The Pokémon phenomenon” . As always, good work!

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