Married to public health? Five ways your life will change forever

When I started a career in Public Health, I knew my work life would be meaningful, or at minimal, would be interesting. What I didn’t realize was how dramatically it would change the life of my husband and now, the lives of my two kids.

As my husband often says, “Oh no, I married public health.” While he says it jokingly, we’ve started to notice how much public health is part of our daily lives. The other day, my husband emailed my child’s principal asking to know why the kids hadn’t gone outside to run around and get exercise when it was raining. So for those of you already connected to someone in public health, know that you are not alone. And, for those who might be considering a life with one of us, here’s a bit of Public Health Insider information to help inform your decision:imagesCAVI3XGA

5. You will never have a soft-boiled egg again. We used to love runny eggs. Now I cook them so much that they serve as a perfect rubbery toy for my toddler.

4. You will be forced to finally get rid of your college t-shirts to make room for the several gallons of emergency water, food and supplies needed to be truly prepared.

3. Dishwasher detergent in the bathroom? But of course, that’s just in case a rat comes up our toilet.

2. That cool soda maker you get for your birthday—that gets returned without even opening the package. There’s no way I’m exposing my kids to anything bubbly for the awful fear that they will get hooked on sugary drinks.

And  . . .

1. You will be guaranteed to have some of the most interesting and thought provoking dinner conversations from here on out.

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