Global epidemic, local response: TB update in King County

Even though there are medications that can cure and prevent TB disease, too few around the world are currently able to get the treatment they need to make them well and prevent others from getting a disease that kills 4,500 people every day worldwide, and 1.6 million total in 2017 alone.

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World TB Day: Global epidemic hits home

Every week, two new people on average are diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) in King County. Many of these cases are investigated, treated and managed through our local TB program without public attention, but we’ve seen recent instances in schools (here and here) and a university, health care facilities (here and here), a group residence and jail […]

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On World TB Day, still plenty of work left despite local successes

An X-ray of the chest of a man with tuberculosis. The areas infected with TB bacteria are colored red. Science Photo Library/Corbis

We saw an increase in TB in the United States for the first time in 23 years. In King County, TB isn’t increasing, but our proportion of TB-infected individuals (those who carry a dormant form of TB (“latently-infected”) is higher than Washington’s or any other region in the state.

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