All Are Welcome Here: How a statement of King County commitment became a sign for every work site

Reposted from KC Employee News Even before the Trump administration announced its travel ban, Public Health staff started to notice a downturn in the number of immigrant patients coming for care at our clinics. Tina Maestas, Public Health Nurse at the Renton Community Service Organization, contacted Director Patty Hayes to express her concern. “The Latino […]

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How our Refugee Health clinic is a key step on the path to self-sufficiency

The staff at Public Health’s Refugee Health clinic

When refugees escape from war, conflict, famine and other disasters, it’s not unusual for them to end up in King County. We are one of the nation’s major host communities for refugees. A well-organized local network of agencies helps refugees take the first steps into a new life. This network emerged in 1979, when an earlier […]

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