Substance use prevention and early intervention: Key steps to reduce harm and prevent use before it starts  

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Substance use disorders continue to impact people from all walks of life. As the understanding and science of addiction evolves, so too does our understanding of ways to prevent substance use disorder and increase support for communities. As a follow up to the blog post on substance use disorder treatment, we are taking a closer look at prevention. 

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It’s Time to Return to Preventive Health Screenings

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Our medical system is getting back on its feet, and while caution is understandable, it’s critical we get back to scheduling prevention health screenings that help save lives. Cancer is not going away and will not wait for a pandemic to pass.

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Updates on Hepatitis A Outbreak

As we’ve reported previously on Public Health Insider, many urban areas in the United States have been grappling with hepatitis A outbreaks, especially among people living homeless and people who use drugs (injection and non-injection). Some states have seen hundreds or even thousands of cases, and a high proportion of these cases have resulted in […]

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Using a public health approach to reach zero youth detention

Research shows that youth have a better chance at positive adulthood when they don’t interact with the legal system. A public health approach means employing prevention and intervention strategies that eliminate the need for juvenile detention and promote the well-being of all youth.

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Increase in locally acquired hepatitis A cases in King County

Five locally acquired cases of hepatitis A infection and an additional case that may also have been acquired locally have been reported to Public Health – Seattle & King County since November 2018. These cases add to three other hepatitis A cases reported in July 2018 for a total of nine cases in less than […]

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