It’s not just you. It’s the cost of food, too.

If you are going to talk about access to healthy food, you have to talk about affordability. Why is Top Ramen cheaper than veggies? – King County resident This was the crux of a community conversation in South King County where residents shared the on-the-ground challenges to eating healthier food–challenges that go far beyond just […]

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How to eat healthy: Start with a plan

SNAP Education

People may eat poorly for a variety of reasons, including busy and stressful lives or lack of cooking skills. Tight budgets may add to the problem, especially if you haven’t learned tricks for stretching food dollars. For example, what if nobody ever showed you … the value of planning meals ahead for a full week? […]

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Cutting the (trans) fat: Health policy-making in action

Trans fats, typically found in partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), have been used in foods because of their unique ability to remain solid at relatively high temperatures. These properties keep food tasting fresher longer, but they also make it harder for our bodies to metabolize them, and that poses serious health risks. But, unlike other hazardous […]

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