Gone But Not Forgotten – Indigent Remains Ceremony 2022

Grave marker with flowers and painting

Every few years, the King County Medical Examiner’s Office (KCMEO) hosts a unique memorial to ensure that every King County resident is remembered. The KCMEO’s Indigent Remains Program provides burial for King County residents who have died without resources or family to claim their remains for a proper burial.

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Medical Examiner’s Report: What we learned from those we lost in 2016

Last year, 14,373 people died in King County. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office (MEO) investigated those deaths that were sudden, unexpected or unnatural – 2,494* in total. But, the count of life lost is more than a number. By tracking and analyzing different manners of death as well as trends in homicides, traffic fatalities, […]

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5 steps to a safe sleep environment for infants

The King County Medical Examiner and several Public Health staff, including experts in injury prevention and nursing, recently published an article in the King County Medical Society Bulletin that provides an important overview of sudden and unexpected infant deaths (SIDS/SUIDS). While many factors may contribute to these unfortunate losses, this article stresses the role of […]

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