Poison is so 1980s: How to protect your children and pets from rodent poisons

Family washing dog outside with hose

Wild rats and mice living too close to humans threaten our health. They can contaminate food, spread disease, damage property, and cause electrical fires. It makes good sense to keep rodents away from our homes. However, there are safe – and less safe ways – to get rid of them.

Many people’s first instinct is to use rodenticides – also known as rat or mouse bait – to poison the intruders. Unfortunately, misuse and overuse of these poisons are common and can harm children and pets.

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Halloween Tips from Public Health

Wondering what to do for Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic? Public Health has tips to prevent illness, help our community stay on track for reopening, and still retain some of the spooky and sweet flavor of Halloween.

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Second case of lung illness in King County linked to vaping

Public Health – Seattle & King County has confirmed a second case of severe lung disease associated with vaping in King County. The patient, a female in her thirties, was admitted to a King County hospital in mid-September with shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. The patient has since been released and is recovering. The […]

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Get Ready for Wildfire Smoke Season

Now is the time to get ready for smoke season, especially taking steps to protect your health. Learn what you may need in your home, what to plan for at work, and when to talk to your healthcare provider about smoke exposure.

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Climate Changes Health

Climate change is today’s theme for National Public Health Week to draw attention to one of the greatest threats to public health. Our Climate Health Action Team created this comic with Seattle artist Mita Mahato to illustrate how climate change is already having serious impacts on our health here in King County and what we […]

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Interactive local health data is now at your fingertips

Adapted from blog post originally featured on Communities Count. For the first time, extensive interactive data on health and well-being in King County communities is available on Public Health’s Community Health Indicators website. The site makes it easier to visually explore public health data and drill down by geography and other demographics. From what’s the best predictor of a […]

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