The clinic down the hall: How School-Based Health Centers help kids succeed


Updated 9.23.16 By Sara Rigel, School-Based Partnerships Remember the school nurse’s office, where you could go lie down if you felt sick, or get an ice-pack for a bruise? If you walk onto the campus of any public high school in Seattle, you’ll find not only a traditional nurse’s office, but also a full-blown medical […]

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Seattle/King County Clinic: Join a community of compassionate care

In Public Health, we’re trained to look for long-term solutions for health disparities. It’s some of our most important work, but that doesn’t mean that immediate health needs go away. Last year, I participated in the Seattle/King County Clinic, and like many volunteers, found that a close-up view of that need was incredibly powerful to […]

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It takes a village: The Seattle/King County Clinic with Remote Area Medical

The Seattle/King County Clinic, held at the Seattle Center from October 23-26, was an amazing community effort that provided free medical, dental, and vision services for 3,386 people, staffed entirely by volunteers. The event also was an opportunity to enroll those eligible for low cost health insurance and connect people to long term health care. We […]

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