Ask Miss Rona: Pregnancy, Fertility & Breast/Chestfeeding

Ask Miss Rona

Miss Rona is a Q&A series started on Public Health’s Instagram to respond to community questions related to different topic areas of COVID-19. For this week’s Miss Rona, we had two experts from Public Health answering your questions related to all things reproductive health.

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Pregnancy and the COVID-19 Vaccine

As of March 17, pregnant people in Washington state are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine.  If you are pregnant or considering a future pregnancy, you probably have lots of questions around risks and benefits of the vaccine.   We’ve provided answers to some of the questions you might have surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Proudly in defense of breastfeeding, in King County and everywhere

Statement from Patty Hayes, Director of Public Health—Seattle & King County, responding to news that the United States government (Dept. of Health & Human Services) aggressively attempted to water down international support for breastfeeding through the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). “The notion that any national or international health agency would not completely support breastfeeding is […]

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