Protect your head! Free and low-cost helmets in King County

Two adults and child riding bicycles wearing helmets

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all people riding a bike should wear helmets so they can have a safer brain and stronger future. The good news is that affordable bike helmets are available for King County residents.

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Study shows all-ages helmet law improves safety without deterring riders

By Christina Yantsides The King County Board of Health (BOH) All-Ages Bicycle Helmet Law requires that anyone riding a bicycle, regardless of age, must wear a helmet (for more on the history and specifics of the law, read this). Public Health is a strong supporter of helmet laws, which are an important strategy to prevent […]

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Child Death Review: Prevention through collaboration

Since 2003, not a single child in King County has died from a helmet-preventable bicycle injury. What helped lead to this victory? King County’s Child Death Review – a collaborative effort to identify opportunities and interventions that prevent children from dying. As the ‘doctor’ for the community, we are responsible for looking at broad trends […]

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