Public Health Crafter’s Corner: 1-minute DIY Filter Fan

Woman in apron waving and holding a box fan. Text: Public Health Crafter's Corner: DIY Air Filter

Welcome to the Public Health Crafter’s Corner: Wildfire Smoke Edition! Learn how to make an air filter with a box fan, air filter, and bungee cord. These DIY filter fans can quickly clean the air in your home or work space!

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Who is at risk for a heart attack in the heat?

Man at a construction site is saying, "Working outside puts me at risk."

Our comic strip shows how many health conditions and medications make people more sensitive to heat, and that makes them at increased risk for kidney failure, stroke, and heart attack. Find out if you or your loved ones are at risk and what to do when the weather gets hot.

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How to keep indoor air clean on smoky days

On most days, our homes provide a refuge, sheltering us from the elements. But, what our homes are not so good at is maintaining clean indoor air, especially during wildfire smoke events.

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