Public Health Crafter’s Corner: 1-minute DIY Filter Fan

Woman in apron waving and holding a box fan. Text: Public Health Crafter's Corner: DIY Air Filter

Welcome to the Public Health Crafter’s Corner: Wildfire Smoke Edition! Learn how to make an air filter with a box fan, air filter, and bungee cord. These DIY filter fans can quickly clean the air in your home or work space!

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Who is at Risk for a heart attack in the heat?

Man at a construction site is saying, "Working outside puts me at risk."

Many people don’t know that they are at increased risk for serious health problems like heart attacks, stroke, and kidney failure when the weather heats up. Now is the time to find out if you at higher risk and get ready. If you’re a parent or caregiver, plan ways to keep children, older adults, and […]

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How to keep indoor air clean on smoky days

On most days, our homes provide a refuge, sheltering us from the elements. But, what our homes are not so good at is maintaining clean indoor air, especially during wildfire smoke events.

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Hazy Days Are Here Again

Wildfire smoke has returned to Western Washington. When air quality is at unhealthy levels, stay inside and avoid outdoor activity as much as possible. We’ve got tips for keeping indoor clean.

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Winter is coming…probably

After what feels like endless rain, meteorologists are predicting a possibility of snow early next week. The forecast is too uncertain to place any wagers on snow, but we’ve got a window of time to get ready for whatever happens. Even small amounts of snow can wreak havoc on our ability to get around and […]

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