Video: Student champions make the case for vaccination at Science Center

How would you convince a teenager to take vaccines seriously? One approach that can potentially double vaccine coverage rates is to start with their peers. You can learn how that works in this video from a current exhibit at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center called, “Vaccines & Immunity: It Takes a Community.” The video highlights the Public […]

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The clinic down the hall: How School-Based Health Centers help kids succeed


Updated 9.23.16 By Sara Rigel, School-Based Partnerships Remember the school nurse’s office, where you could go lie down if you felt sick, or get an ice-pack for a bruise? If you walk onto the campus of any public high school in Seattle, you’ll find not only a traditional nurse’s office, but also a full-blown medical […]

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New data available to look up immunization levels in your neighborhood

Update: 5/22/17: New data are available that show the immunizations levels at schools across King County.  According to Libby Page from our Communicable Disease and Immunization program, rates at most schools have stayed stable, with about 17,000 (5.2%) children across the county still not fully protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. Meanwhile, preventable disease outbreaks continue to […]

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