5 reasons why hot weather raises health alarms

Hot weather isn’t just uncomfortable – it can be dangerous. When temperatures are very hot in King County, we see a rise in the number of hospitalizations, Emergency Medical Service calls, and most sadly, deaths. And it’s not just heat stroke and heat exhaustion: heart problems, stroke, and kidney failure are common health problems on […]

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Extreme hot is not cool: How to beat the extra heat

Northwest summers can be fantastic, but when is hot too hot? The National Weather Service is on the job to tell us, and what they are saying should get your attention now. They have issued an Excessive Heat Warning for many areas in our region, including King County. This statement lets us know that very hot weather that can affect our […]

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Lessons for the Puget Sound from Chicago’s deadly Heat Wave

person pouring water on their face in hot sun

By Ashley Kelmore – Our hotter-than-usual summer in the Pacific Northwest likely won’t reach the extremes of the 1995 Chicago summer heat wave, which killed 733 people. But some of the issues from that catastrophe are relevant to us here and now, and Dr. Eric Klinenberg describes them in his fascinating book Heat Wave.

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