Nuevos datos del condado de King: Los impactos inequitativos en la salud con respecto al COVID-19 se reflejan en las interacciones entre los factores sociales y económicos

PHSKC creó un índice de riesgo social y económico en 2020 para ayudar a los líderes y gerentes a administrar los recursos y los esfuerzos de prevención en las comunidades con las mayores desigualdades del COVID-19. Ahora estos datos se encuentran disponibles al público.

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New King County data: Inequitable health impacts of COVID-19 reflect the intersections of social and economic factors

Public Health – Seattle & King County created a social and economic risk index in 2020 to help leaders and managers direct resources and prevention efforts to communities with the greatest COVID-19 inequities. Now, that data is available to the public through a new data dashboard and a report with analysis and key takeaways. 

The data shows how multiple interconnected structural and systemic factors are associated with COVID-19 disease rates across King County neighborhoods over the course of the pandemic.

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New survey shows how COVID-19 is impacting basic needs, mental health, and social supports in King County

The coronavirus pandemic has brought dramatic changes to our lives – beyond the illness and death directly caused by the virus. Rising unemployment, increased needs for food assistance, and remote schooling are all economic and social impacts of COVID-19 that go beyond the daily counts of new cases or deaths. New data from the Washington State Community Recovery Oriented Needs Assessment (CORONA) survey show how widespread these impacts are.

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